Friday, June 24, 2011

Produce Pack #1

This summer we will be getting weekly produce packs from Jolly Farmer through Farmers Bundle  (facebook page here). They are locally grown and certified organic and will vary based on what is in season at the time. Every Thursday I will be picking up our produce pack and likely inflicting you with a post about vegetables.  Last summer we went with Dave's Produce Packs which we split with a coworker and her other half.  We enjoyed the adventure of seeing what would arrive every week but having one person pick it up and split it was kind of a pain.  So we decided to go with Farmers Bundle who offered half packs.  After we signed up with them Dave and co announced they would do half packs as well.  Basically we've decided this will be a good way to compare the two and make a decision for summers going forward.

Until Thursday I'd forgotten how exciting it was last summer to get the produce pack, kind of like a weekly present.  It made cooking and eating vegetables a little more exciting.  There were times when my reaction was "another cabbage?? seriously?" but Keith and Nela at Simply for Life went through the same thing and have promised useful cabbage recipes or really recipes for whatever comes along!

For those of you who live on the East Coast of Canada there's no need to explain why the produce packs are starting late this year but for everyone else, we've had the most lousy, cold, horrible Spring.  There was a major blizzard April 1st.  Seriously.  So the growing season has been slightly delayed.  That meant that we were warned this first pack would be minimalist but that it would be made up for as the summer progresses.  We shall see. 

The pack was very clean and tidy but didn't really give much away.

Lots of leafy things in tidy bags.  I so love tidy!

Now this I love. I have to admit last year I sometimes stared at things
asking myself what it was.  This makes me feel less stupid!

Swiss Chard


Salad Mix

Romaine, Spring Garlic, Radishes

This little fellow came along too.  He was returned to the great outdoors.
So far I've had some very tasty salads.  The salad mix is wonderfully sharp as are the radishes. Everything is lovely and fresh and in need of a little rinse to get the dirt off.  We also had some of the spinach and spring garlic in delightful egg white omlettes. Swiss chard being cooked up tomorrow evening for supper! Check out the Farmers Bundle facebook page for regular info.

The food isn't the only fun to be had.  Sadie and Trilly both enjoyed the box though Trilly wasn't much pleased about sharing and I had to intervene eventually.

Trilly improving the box corner with her claws.

Sadie wondering if there was room enough for two.

Trilly says "No there isn't any more room in here".


Elizabeth said...

I have cancelled my veg box recently as we have enough home grown lettuce, radishes, broad beans, potatoes and courgettes to feed us. I love the look of yours - I find recipes on the Riverford website (where I get my veg box).
Shared the cute pet pics with G cos he just loves seeing them :-)

Michael Hawkins said...

Awesome. Swiss chard became one of my favourite greens last year. Wonderful in mashed (local!) potatoes.