Little Waterlily, Big Pond is a personal blog dedicated to the things I like, love and those that just drive me kind of nuts.  I'm a Canadian married to a Brit. We met in the UK but are now living on the East Coast of Canada surrounded by rocks and trees and water. I'm also a sucker for all things pretty, shiny, frilly and girly.  Most importantly I'm a wife, a fur-parent and a friend so expect a lot of personal photos and bragging about the crazy exploits of my golden retriever- Sadie, the youngest of the bunch- Spock, the new fellow- Dobby and the princess who runs our lives- Trilly.

Photo by Sheldon Parsons. June 2011.

Origins of the name: Back in high school a couple of friends decided my first name was entirely too long and came up with the nickname "Lily".  From childhood I've been a water baby and I'm happiest living near some big body of water, currently the Bay of Fundy.  So Waterlily just makes sense.  As well as the metaphor for how I sometimes feel making my way in the big "pond" that is life, my life is also divided between Canada and the UK with that big old "pond" the Atlantic Ocean in the middle. 

I also occasionally guest post for Bling Borrowers so check out their Bling Blog!