Saturday, June 25, 2011


So it's Prom Season here in New Brunswick.  Loads of teenagers all dressed up and partying in convention centres, hotels, tents, school gyms, you name it.  I remember back (way way back) when I was headed to Prom my parents found it all a little over the top compared to when they went to prom.  Now over a decade later I'm already old and stodgy and talking about "in my day". 

What's set off this crotchety attitude?  The fact that parents now pay for professional photographers to come in and take their daughters (cause you know it's not the sons asking!!) prom photos.  We're talking wedding photography calibre prom photos.  What the heck?? Yes, it's mostly that I'm jealous as can be but also, how do you top that? If you have prom photos like that how do you top that for your wedding?  For some of the great shots (cause I'm not going to steal photos from a photographer OR post photos of teenagers I don't know on my blog) check out Sean McGrath's and Sheldon Parsons  (How amazing is that purple dress? I want it. And to have somewhere to wear it). 

Anyway girls, if your parents are willing to pay for it of course you want awesome prom photos so go for it (like I said totally jealous) but here's my advice... get gorgeous shots of you on your own and of you with your girlfriends.  Seriously, looking back in 10 years you want those shots, not super romantic pictures of a guy you broke up with three weeks after prom.  Preserve you and your close friends in your teenage prime.  They're not the best years of your life (seriously how depressing would it be to have the best years of your life over at 18) but they're some of the best years of your life.

Ok, this has been a crazy amount of rambling without any photos.  So here are some of my prom photos from... a rather long time ago.  If you're reading this, pull out your prom photos and share them!  I'd love to see everyone's facebook profiles be their old prom pictures.  Just for a couple of days!!

The exact shade my bridesmaids dresses would eventually be.

I wore my mother's pearl earrings.
I would borrow them again for my wedding.

Not my date, my little brother who was there as someone else's date.
See I value these more because he's still my little brother.

Look how baby faced little bro is! So cute!

And here's a super cute one for fun!

Mum and Dad go to their high school prom.
Alright, I'll be looking for those prom pics on facebook folks!! Pull em out and scan them (I did... yes, I went to prom before digital cameras.) if you have to!

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Elizabeth said...

We didn't have high school proms in our young day :-( so no pics to send you. In fact, no pics of me at all until I was at uni - if I find one, I'll post it on facebook.