Thursday, June 23, 2011

Photographic Father's Day

Does anyone else find that Father's are incredibly difficult to shop for? Maybe it's just my Dad and my Father-in-Law.  Neither of them are overly interested in THINGS.  This makes the shopping somewhat tricky.  This year though I had a clear idea of what I wanted to do for my Father-in-Law.  On the recent trip over to Canada he took some absolutely fabulous wildlife photos and I decided to create a small coffee table book so that he could show them off (well, my Mother-in-Law could show them off for him). 

Here's a selection of some of his photos:

I love creating photo cards and gifts so I have looked around at some of the options.  When doing things for friends and family in the UK I go with .  I have to admit I haven't seen too many of their products in real life because I've been sending them since we moved here but feedback from family has always been very good. Their delivery time is also excellent.  The only drawback is they don't offer a "send card directly" option like does.  From Shutterfly I can create a card and have them address the envelope and send it.  When I've sent cards directly to folks in the UK I understand they come in a larger than necessary box and get a free, unused envelope with them.  Oops.

Anyway, I'll likely wind up reviewing along the way as I've used them for numerous projects but for now here is the link to the coffee table book that was my Father-In-Law's gift:

Two of my favourite wild life photos from the visit:

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Elizabeth said...

The book of photos is on the coffee table and we love it. Can't wait to show it off to visitors.