Tuesday, February 12, 2013


They can sense weakness and fatigue. 
They can tell when you just don't have the strength.
They can tell when you are alone. 
Then run rough-shod over you.
Husband was out at a meeting last night.  I was left alone and defenseless.

 This one attempted to crawl into my dinner and when I wouldn't let her stalked around the counter tops and the stove looking for left overs. I was required to carry my plate with me when going to remove her because if I left it unattended her brothers would have finished it off.

This one knocked over the garbage can and managed to retrieve the chicken bone from the bottom.  Why was the chicken bone not in the compost?  Well, they'd manage to get to the compost bin and I'd be forced to take it outside. 

This one assisted his brother with the garbage can caper.  He also chased his sister around and tried to jump on her head.  Then he convinced his canine sister to chase him around to give him an excuse to climb on my shelves of knick-knacks.

This one mostly watched the kitty cats who were being highly entertaining.... and maybe chased Spock just a little bit but he did ask her to do it.

I tried chasing the cats when they were messing around by the garbage bin but they just stared at me from under the table.  I am not scary. I am the pushover.  It is official.

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