Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Retro Winter

So it is Wednesday which is usually outfit post day. I like having that regular blog theme to depend on. The thing is, I spent all weekend at home.  I was still trying to kick the never ending killer cold and Husband was coming down with it so we didn't feel inclined to go very far.  Then there was the snow storm that solidified our decision.  No outfit photos were taken.  No photos of humans were taking.  I'm sure the pets did something funny and I'm sure i tried to take photos of the snow storm and failed (gusting winds are hard to capture).

I never did an end of 2012 outfit photo recap since we were busy with Christmas and then traveling and also, I had a lousy head cold then too (this is our second round with it... unimpressed).  So here are a few bits and pieces from outfit posts from this time last year.

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