Monday, February 11, 2013


We are still fighting colds at our house.  Mine has settled into a highly annoying sinus headache and a bit of fatigue.  Husband is unfortunately at the stuffed up, sore throat stage. This weekend husband offered to make up so cold-kicking ginger tea which I'd completely forgotten about since my head cold experience over the holidays.

While we were in Montreal between Christmas and New Year I had a lousy head cold (pretty much exactly like this one... sigh).  On our last day we were meeting up with friends for brunch but had some time to kill and went in search of somewhere to have tea.  It was insanely cold so Husband steered me into the first open place we found.  I was iffy on it from the outside and so sulked at him slightly since I was looking for a chain where I knew exactly what to order in case there were language issues.  Turns out Husband had chosen a fabulous local vegan spot and it's just unfortunate we didn't have time to eat there as well... next trip.  They had a wonderful, extensive (and English) tea selection.  I had yerba mate for the first time in years and Husband ordered their ginger tea.

Husband has since made ginger tea which was grated fresh ginger root steeped in hot water at our house.  This time he upgraded the healthy cold-kicking properties by adding lemon and honey.  It's a warming, soothing, sinus clearing cup of happiness. 

Now if only we could make it in gorgeous iron kettles like they had.  Husband looked at some lovely ones at a local tea store and I know he'd love to have gotten me one but I told him they were too expensive.  Maybe some day.  For now I have ginger tea and head ache medication.

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