Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Hold Over

Husband and I went away between Christmas and New Year's.  Due to an approaching snow storm we decided to leave a day early, taking off on Boxing Day.  I was adamant that I wanted the Christmas stuff cleared away so that I didn't arrive home on January 1st facing taking it all down before my return to work. 

I was so wound about it that Husband actually helped me take the tree down (and move a piano but that's another story) on Christmas Day after we opened our presents but before we headed off to do dinner with my family.  We had fully cleaned up from Christmas by Boxing Day morning.  Except for one thing.  I've left out one little reminder of the holidays.

This little sleigh held flowers that I received last Christmas.  Right now it seems perfect for holding some of our Christmas cards, acting as a little reminder that people love us!

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Cait said...

wow this look great girl! stopping by from the blog hop! your blog is super cute =] cant wait to read more! xo