Monday, January 14, 2013

Colour Code

For my American readers, we spell colour with a "u". As the Brits would say "the correct way" but Canadians aren't so pushy like that :) Anyway, I believe I'm a little obsessed with a particular colour right now.  I've been wearing so much black and brown and grey this Winter that I think my subconscious was crying out for something to add to the mix. The fashion world is calling it oxblood which- really? Ick. I'll stick with the terms burgundy or maroon but the other day I pulled out some of my most recent acquisitions and got this.

I love it all but do have to remember not to put my new coat on at the same time as I'm wearing my jeans or I'm going to look a little odd!

Speaking of colour I got a new shellac colour on my nails at the end of last week.  I had a bit of a pale look over the holidays so was nice to go back to something really dark (but with sparkle!) for the Winter. I also happen to think it goes fabulously with my little colour obsession.

So are you craving a bit of colour this time of year?

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