Friday, January 11, 2013


So I'm linking up with Lauren at From My Grey Desk for High Five for Friday since I've been terrible at pre-writing blogs this week and this gives me some sort of focus! So five things about my week.

1. While we haven't been perfect, our household has been much better about eating healthily this week. Lots of vegetables, fewer carbs, much less salt, planning ahead.  We spent a lot of the weekend either cooking or using the slow cooker.  Today Husband has a list of things to pick up at the Saint John City Market since he works across the street so that we can get started cooking again this weekend for next week.

Mother in Law at the Market during her visit this Fall

2. I didn't mention it on the blog but I went to the doctor this Autumn and he had some concerns about my blood pressure.  So I had to go back a month later and he was still concerned about my blood pressure.  He said that a lot of people actually have heightened blood pressure in the doctor's office for various reasons so sent me off to take my blood pressure at home for a couple of weeks.  I'm pleased to report that (after some slightly high blood pressure with all the salt over the holidays) when I take my blood pressure at home and am distracted by a kitty on my lap it's fine and it's getting better as we're eating healthier and exercising more.

3. I've got my butt back to step class.  I work at a university and we have the option of taking free fitness classes that are offered around lunch time.  This Fall I was so slammed that I never got there but I'm heading back (there will never be a picture of this!).

4. I am loving the new canvas art Husband got me for Christmas. Super excited that we've decided on seating to go under it. Now to order that seating!

5. I'm currently carrying this beautiful thing. I haven't had a chance to take an outfit photo with it yet but it's certainly brightened up my week. Mum returned from a recent trip with this Christopher Kon bag and I borrowed it for awhile.  I think it may be borrowed occasionally in the future... once I return it to her.

Happy Friday everyone! Super glad it's here this week.  I actually enjoy my job a lot but I seriously need the weekend to recover from the early mornings.

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