Monday, September 10, 2012

Work in Progress

There is an art event happening in town.  Six artists have six weeks and will each produce a sculpture so that will be six sculptures heading out to locations in the region.  Sculpting has been a part of human civilization for as long as civilization has existed.  About thirty seconds after sculpting was invented someone came along and turned it into a metaphor... for individual, collective, cultural, spiritual growth.... you name it.  It works so well as a metaphor for those things because there is something really powerful in watching rough materials being turned into something MORE through work and skill and patience. 

We visited the first weekend the sculptors started (it's completely open to the public to go down and watch progress every day) and visited again this weekend.  They have one week left.  I'm lucky that one of the sculptures is heading to the university campus where I work.  Another is headed to the park in the little town where I live and one is headed to the little town right next door.  I'm literally going to be surrounded by them. 

First weekend:

This weekend:

Look forward to eventually visiting every one in their final destination.


Naptime Review said...

I loved your pictures. Wondering what it was going to be...

julie @ Naptime Review

Oh, don't forget to stop by tomorrow and check out Operation Fabulous! Hope you get lots of traffic!

Patricia Hinkel said...

This is intersting. Love to see the finished work. I am following you will you follow back. Here from the blog hop.
Patricia from Topiary Rose