Thursday, September 20, 2012

I Believe

I believe it's totally ok that typing the post title led to me singing
I believe I can fly... I believe I can touch the sky (there may have been melodramatic arm motions and eye closing)

I believe in eating breakfast even though I hated it until I was in my 20s

I believe in picking out your clothes the night before on work days because otherwise the closet will be completely void of any viable options

I believe that cardboard boxes, suede mousies and chew toys are part of our interior design esthetic

 I believe in miracles and also that it's ok that this post has now inspired me to sign yet another song to myself

I believe that it's ok to glare at people who park illegally or cut in line and wish bad karma on them

I believe in marrying a man who always gives you the pickles off of his sandwich or burger when you eat out and always shares the onion rings so you can order a salad and feel virtuous

I believe that the shoes are the most important piece of an outfit and while I'm on the subject tights are not pants. You can't wear them with a shirt!

I believe in talking to my pets

I believe that Spock actually understands most of what I say to him

I believe in following the golden rule and Thumper's Mommy's advice

I believe I am an artistic genius.  Unfortunately my genius is limited to writing songs about my pets

I believe the pets love their songs

I believe in cleaning the house before company comes over no matter how many times they've visited.  Oh!! I believe in making the bed every day and that You're just going to mess it up again is an invalid argument

I believe Sadie cheers people up where ever she goes and that the coffee shop uptown that allows dogs in has a special place in Heaven

I believe in sharing photos of the furballs whenever possible

I believe I am extra justified because Karl Lagerfeld is a crazy cat person too

I believe I'm slightly jealous of Lagerfeld's cat Choupette

I believe in always sharing the button when joining a link up

I believe you should pop over to Living in Yellow to say hi


fugeecat said...

who doesn't believe their cat understands what they say to them. and your absolutely right about the tights not being pants.

Blue Dog Belle said...

1. your cat looks eerily similar to my cat. 2. I love this list!

xo, Emily
bluedogbelle.blogspot. com