Saturday, September 22, 2012

Heart & Stroke

It's been ages now since I featured the lovely Heather and her glass bead jewelery company called Gully Beads.  Heather is one of those people I'm lucky enough to know in real life though our paths haven't crossed enough with a busy Summer and rather crazy Fall. 

Heather and Gully
Anyway, this time of year Heather does something really awesome.  She fund raises for Heart and Stroke as part of a team that then rides around on this insanely big bike.  She explains it better over on her blog. As part of her fundraising she does this very generous Give & Get program.  You donate to Heart and Stroke on her fundraising page and she gives you a piece of her jewelery as a gift.

Head over to the Gully Beads Blog where Heather explains it all so much better and you can choose your gift.  You'll probably be seeing #13 on the blog sometime soon because they're on their way to me. 

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