Sunday, September 23, 2012

A House Elf

Haven't you always wanted your very own house elf? Perhaps a whole crew of house elves like at Hogwarts?  Well now I have my very own Dobby.  Not so sure he's going to be as useful as some house elves but he's unlikely to try to get me killed attempting to save my life (If you don't know what I'm talking about go read the Harry Potter books NOW... Go.... I'll wait).

What's in there Dad?

It's me- Dobby

I am very interested in the camera

I like ear rubs

I'm not completely sure about this lady. I think I love her.
Dobby is a rescue cat.  Our tiny local pet store keeps one of the shelter cats on their premises at all times to help them stand a better chance of getting adopted.  It's how we wound up with Trilly (Husband went in for dog treats and that was that).  We always say hi to the cats and this fellow was so purry and friendly we figured he wouldn't be there long.  Seven weeks later we were shocked and horrified he was still there.  It took a little while for it to dawn on us that he was still there because he was supposed to live with us.

It turns out this fellow has been in the shelter system since March.  Breaks my heart.  He was so loving and friendly that one of the volunteers at the shelter sponsored him to get neutered to help his adoption chances.  Once Husband's job situation is worked out and we've got Dobby all settled with everything he needs (more cat shelves! So good we have that big utility room that we had finished) we're going to pay it forward and sponsor another kitty.  Dobby used to live with 8 other cats in a room at the shelter so we know he'll settle in.  For now he's feeling his way around things here.

What's that for?
I like it up here. No dog up her.e
Spock is so awesome.  He's super welcoming and just wants to chat with Dobby and introduce him to the house.  He's learned to give Dobby a little space while he settles in but the boys are doing well together.  Sadie thinks Dobby is awesome.  Dobby is still giving Sadie a wide berth and telling her to back off occasionally but he's not nearly as horrified by her presences as Trilly was.  Poor Trilly is upset that something has changed in her life.  She's a creature of habit.  On the other hand she is very interested in Dobby and wants to see what's going on.  She just doesn't seem to quite know how to do it.  There is some cranking happening on Trilly's part.

So we have just under two weeks until the In-Laws arrive from the UK.  Hoping we have a nearly settled household by then!

Dobby waiting to while I sign paper work to bring him home

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Whitney Cramer said...

wow that is seriously a GORGEOUS cat! My husband and I are debating on whether or not to get a cat when we move into our new house - we both used to be allergic to them and then all the sudden we aren't. haha. are they good with dogs because we have 2 dogs? i haven't done ANY research on cats :/ anyways, I'm your newest follower from the GFC hop! excited to read more from you!