Friday, August 24, 2012


You know I never in my life actually considered how one spells potpourri until I went to title this post.  I don't think I've ever written it down in my life.  It's not like it would be on a wish list or a to do list since I'm not particularly keen on really strong smelling scents.  Anyway, this is sort of a mish mash of thoughts in my head and I figured I'd do them not so much as Friday letters but as Friday Post-It-Notes cause they're pretty short.

Dear Deer who just ran through my back yard
How are we far enough along in the year for you to have such large antlers already.  I swear you just had tiny ones like a week ago.  I guess that was more than a week ago.  I'm glad you two guys have each other to hang out with.  Please don't get hit by a car.  You're very big and cars are very big.  It would cause a lot of damage on both sides.

Dear Insurance company who we just cancelled our policies with
*I stick my tongue out in your general direction*.  We found someone who will accept Husbands UK driving experience and doesn't think we live in a flood zone (on top of a very large hill).  So HA!

Dear Authors who insist on writing about "normal, boring average women who have amazing men fall in love with them"
Boring, normal, average women don't exist.  I don't know any.  Women kick butt and take names and keep the world turning.  So I guess in that case there are alot of average women but they're nothing like you write about them.  Stop telling women things that aren't true about themselves and life and love.

Dear Authors who write about kick ass women who can take care of themselves and others but still find someone awesome to love them
Thank you.  Please keep writing.  Please give me something to someday let my children read so they don't grow up waiting for someone to control and manipulate them thinking that's love.

Dear Mum,
Thank you for weeding my garden and trimming back the plants that had run amok. Thank you for ensuring I read all sorts of things and learned the word amok even though I didn't know how to spell potpourri and still haven't necessarily learned how to tell some of my plants apart from weeds.

Dear Husband,
Sadie's invisible fence collar isn't working.  You need to look at it tomorrow as one of your jobs.  I'm glad you're back to being available to do jobs around the house even if you do still have a business plan to finish.  Love you.

Dear Bestie,
You still haven't sent photos.  Stop going to every-fest under the sun and take photos off camera.  I swear Ottawa must eventually have "We ran out of food or cultural groups to celebrate fest".  Crazy city.

Dear Nellie the Sea Otter,
Thank you for performing your trick with the stacking cups.  It makes me happy (go look it up on youtube). 

I try not to write without a photo but I've maxed out on pet photos this week.  Actually poor Princess Trilly has not been on the blog.  Here you go.

Trilly likes to sit on the strangest things

While I'm at it- Dear Trilly, sometimes you have a broken little fluffy brain. Please stop climbing the screen door. You seem miserable while doing it and it's very bad for the screen door. It is not an effective way to get us to take you outside.

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Amelia Mansfield said...

YES YES YES - I totally agree with your Dear Author comments. Perfectly expressed! (Also with the insurance one, by the way - we live on top of a big hill too and I really appreciated it in June when loads of Devon as flooded! Seriously you need to visit us. And vice versa.)

Jessica said...

Love it!

New follower from the GFC Blog Hop. I'd love to have you follow back on GFC and also to invite you to the Weekend Blog Walk hop at Hope to see you there!

Annelise @ Aunie Sauce said...

ahhhh i feel really dumb. never knew that was how potpourri was spelled before! :) thanks for linking up for Just Because Friday today!

Naptime Review said...

Love your letters!

julie @ Naptime Review