Thursday, August 23, 2012

Life As We Know It

Summer is definitely winding down at our house.  Or I guess I should say that Fall is ramping up quickly.  Autumn is a crazy time for me because I work at a university in Student Services. I'm point person on Orientation.  I even get to work on Labour Day Weekend.  Lucky me right?  I love Orientation time at the university but somehow you blink and it's Thanksgiving (the Canadian one is at the beginning of October).

Of course Thanksgiving is when my In-Laws arrive from the UK.  It's their first trip to Canada in the Autumn.  They're back and forth in the area for three weeks with visits to Toronto and Niagara Falls and Nova Scotia planned. By the time they leave Husband will have graduated with his MBA and I'll be packing up for a conference in Vegas which is fairly quickly followed by a conference in Halifax and then it's basically time for the Santa Claus Parade.

It's going to be Christmas before we know it and we have a lot of unknowns ahead.  Husband is wrapping up his MBA and job hunting.  Mid-September will officially mark a year since Husband left his full time job.  Crazy to think it's been a whole year... Crazy to think it's only been a year!

I'm realizing I may not get a lot of time to properly appreciate the next couple of months so I'm trying to remind myself that, even though it's my job to plan ahead, I need to take each day as it comes.

Last Year

This Year


Rosie said...

Maybe your plan could be to see how it all goes? I feel naked without a plan, but have had to scale back my instincts to stop me driving myself insane when trying to change things that can't be changed. If that makes sense. It sounds like you have a very exciting Autumn and Winter ahead of you. Isn't it a bit nice not quite knowing where you will all be at this time next year?

Rosie xx

Hailey said...

Just stopped by from the blog hop and enjoyed my stay. Will definitely be coming back.