Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Happy Place

I may have a tiny habit of projecting on things.  At least Husband has the same tendency.  This video is my current happy place and I think it's primarily because I relate to the earnest angry little minion so much.  You know that he's the one who organized the practices and taught everyone the little synchronized hand movements. He's trying his little heart out and then that total slacker who probably didn't even show up for any of the rehearsals appears with his silly noise maker and steals all the focus.  It's my happy place because he gets to thump him at the end.  It's cathartic... and hilarious.

Husband asked me if I figured the guy with the noise maker was his little brother.  Husband knows me so well.  My baby brother is naturally just so much cooler than me.  He also figures I worry and plan entirely too much and things will all work out somehow or another.

This is another happy place video right now.  You've got to watch it with the sound on because the puppy and the lemon and the song are all so fun together.

Then there's this sea otter.  She's adorable and so smart.  I love how she works her way through the problems.  I imagine there's any number of life lessons we could get from her.  Removing something that stands in your way.  Working for what you want.  Being adorable and fabulous.  You've got to watch til the end when they hold hands and touch their little paws to the trainer's fingers on command.


Emily Spark said...

That little or big puppy video is so cute!

Niki said...

I saw the lemon one - it was hilarious! He's so cute, like he wants to play and then isn't sure!