Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Yearly Updates

Yesterday's rummage in the memory box led to further reminiscing, as you can imagine.  It's also grad season around here.  My youngest cousin graduated from high school last week.  The local high schools are having graduations and proms like crazy.  It led to getting out the yearbooks.  If you start to take yourself too seriously you should definitely get out your high school yearbooks.

When that`s your mascot you wind up choosing a cow. Long story.

Grade 9 (Baby face next to me blogs at
I`d completely forgotten that I once appeared in the sports section!
Grade 10. I swear Adam wrote that stuff himself!
 Between grade 10 and 11 we moved halfway across the country. 
From Patriot to Crusader. The ethnocentricity just keeps getting worse.

Grade 11. Canadian Tire shirt even though I never worked at Canadian Tire.

I got bangs  plus UK Roommate and Bridesmaid on this page.

Great Editing of the Year book

Grade 12. The hair came off!

UK Roommate on this one too. You know you`re cool when you`re laying on the floor.

In there somewhere. 2nd row, 2nd from left.

You know you`re SUPER cool when you`re in a Dixie Combo
Since it is graduation season I figured I should include the following. 

Top- High school, Bottom- Undergrad, Right- Education Degree

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Jenny Bardsley said...

Hi! New follower from the GFC blog hop! Going through old year books is so funny! You forget some of the pictures, and the comments. Fun!