Monday, June 25, 2012

Memory Box

A few weeks ago when Mum and I met up with my friend Jen in Toronto I mentioned a sort of scrapbook that Jen had rallied people together to make before I moved to the east coast half way through high school. Jen had no memory of the book so I told her I'd take some photos to remind her.

 I'm a keeper of memory bits and pieces. I don't need to have them all out all of the time but I like to go through them at times. This tea box is one of my memory boxes. The tea for the schloss in Mittersill, Austria actually came in these metal boxes. You wound up having to call dibs on a box when it came in and then wait a month or two for the tea to get used up. It came back in my suitcase holding everything from Venetian Masks to chocolate coins.

Everyone wanted to help Mama
In it I found the scrap book from when I was 16. Jen had collected photos from grade 9 and 10. Movie tickets, bits from field trips, quotes that we all felt old enough to fully understand (ha!), notes from teachers and a crazy number of cards and letters from friends.

It was the year of Romeo & Juliet. Leo was so young and so were we.

Our school mascot was a cow... sort of... we were proud of it.

It's certainly a fabulous little snap shot of a short period of time.  The mid-90s weren't always kind as far as fashion but we didn't know it then! Anyway, thank you for indulging my little trip down memory lane today! 


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