Thursday, June 28, 2012

Cross Country Tour with Paige

It`s another Not-Friday and I`m lucky enough to have another guest post.  Paige should be starting to look familiar to some of you. It`s not her first time posting here and she`s had a nice spot over in the sponsor area for awhile now.  Without futher ado... here`s Paige.


Hello my friends north of the US Border?! My name is Paige, over at Artsy Anthropology, and I am from the Great (Not White) South? Is that what you call us up there in Canadia? Anywhoo... the theme between myself and Miss Leigh-Ellen tends to be that we share information on trips, or our countries...

As a student, I have spent several (15-20) days driving cross country from Undergrad to Grad to home... so I have lots of beautiful pictures of what I have seen!  Hope you enjoy them.

The Pacific Northwest! Isn't it absolutely beautiful! I think this is probably one of the prettiest places ever, Baker Mountain, Washington.

The Southwest... Nevada, Arizona, and New Mexico (parts of Texas) all look like same... these states are home to: Hoover Dam, Grand Canyon, Painted Forest, Petrified Forest, Roswell, Santa Fe... etc.

This photo, totally not Photoshopped, the ground is really that many different colors of dirt and the sky is really that shade of blue. This is from the Painted Forest in Arizona.

The Grand Canyon

This is terrifying, it's a 1 mile fall... if you happen to slip

Somewhere in New Mexico... down south of Albuquerque and Roswell... there is the Carlsbad Caverns, which are slightly more terrifying than the Grand Canyon - because you are like 100 feet and a terrifying elevator ride down into the ground...

Then there is the South... for those of you who don't know, the Mississippi is really just the worlds largest muddy river - the water is brown... but the trees in Louisiana are giant and beautiful, and we have plantations...

In Baton Rouge, there is also a WWII ship, just chilling on the Mississippi - it's fun to go and hang out on, play with the big guns ;)

Hope you all enjoyed these snap-shots into my life and travels around the country!  

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