Thursday, June 7, 2012

Trotting About Toronto

I'm off enjoying Orlando but I thought today I'd share with you some of the details of my day in Toronto.  I went to a puppet show and ate supper with my hands.

Mum and I went to see the stage production of Warhorse.  She and I agreed we wouldn't describe it as a musical.  In fact, as with when I saw the movie, the humans kind of annoyed us.  The animal puppets on the other hand were fabulous.  You're not allowed to take photos during the production obviously but here's me with some stills from the show.

After the show Mum and I met up with a good friend from high school (my high school... not Mum's high school).  She'd suggested a place called Ethiopian House (among other options) and I thought that sounded like a great idea.  Mum was game to eat dinner with her hands.. mostly.

Once the food arrived it was so tasty that eating with your hands (well technically just supposed to use right hand, break off the bread and use it to scoop everything up) made complete sense.  Of course that also gave us an excuse to talk with our mouths full while we caught up.

So much tastier than the photo makes it look. Their vegetarian one of everything.
Jen was a very good friend of mine in grade 9 and 10.  Then I moved to New Brunswick.  It was the late 90s before social media kicked in (no such thing as wireless) so my friends and I wrote a lot of letters.  Not sure Mum ever realised how many.  Jen brought me the letters I'd written her during that time so I could read through what my 16/17/18 year old self had thought to share.  Mum was a little shocked that those were just the Jen letters!

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k@ye said...

Hello! My mum-in-law would love to watch that show too, I'm sure of that. She loves horses. You're outfit is cute but then suddenly...the food! That looks yummy! :) it's nice to see you get to hang out with your hs friend...i never got a chance to see mine anymore.