Monday, June 11, 2012

Sun Spray

I don't tan.  When the sun comes out I wear hats and shades and lotion and everything imaginable because I don't tan... I burn. My brothers and Husband (lovely things that they are) have said I'm able to burn in a rain storm. I visited them on March Break (they live in the Cayman islands of all things) and we took the photo below.

My brothers and I could be different ethnicities
I decided it would be fun to visit a local business who offer spray tans prior to my trip.  I didn't want to blind the people of Ontario with my pasty whiteness. Merle Norman in Rothesay, who share a beautiful space with Boutique Zekara and Shoe Fanaddict, came to my rescue and they've offered to come to your as well. If you're from the area you really need to stop by the fabulous spot in Rothesay.  Clothes, bags, jewellery, shoes, make up... so much pretty in one place!

The helpful ladies sent me the following instructions for prior to my visit and were keen that I follow them to ensure the best effect possible:
  • Exfoliate the day of or the day before the tan
  • Moisturize in the winter time not in the summer
  • Wax or shave prior to the session
  • Do not wear deodorant or perfume on the day of spray tan
  • Wear loose dark clothing (I realised husband's basketball shorts were actually ideal)
  • Do not wear silk or satin undergarments- bathing suits are fine if you prefer
  • Wear flip flops if possible
I arrived and was taken down stairs where it turns out there are HUGE sales from Shoe Fanaddict and Boutique Zekara (FYI) as well as a treatment room. You definitely want to check out downstairs!

Part of the downstairs treatment area.
In order to protect the room from the spray, you're given your new glow in a tent.  Think of it as taking a slightly choreographed, cool, misting shower. Just try not to touch the sides of the tent or the resulting smudges will need some buffing out. Don't worry, you'll get instructions and before long it'll all seem normal!

After my spray I was given another set of instructions:
  • Do not exercise, use steam rooms or saunas for the first 24hours
  • Avoid sun exposure for 8-10 hours after tan, as it will cause sweating and cause blotching
  • Wait 8-12 hours to shower
  • Do not use soap after first shower, rinse until water runs clear
  • The longer you wait to exfoliate the longer the tan will last
  • Use sulfate free products (a couple of recommended products shown below)
  • Moisturize

Anytime I'm told it's in my best interest to delay exercising it's ok with me. Sorry, can't break a sweat! One of you lucky folks is going to have the same excuse to sit back and relax because Merle Norman in Rothesay is giving away a free spray tan (takes about 30 minutes... plus the time you spend browsing the pretty stuff).

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Abbie Gilliland said...

I also am pasty white...need this spray tan lol!!!!

Melissa Wright said...

I am a tanner! But I am assuming with little Adele this year I won't get out in the sun that much and will look pasty white!

MsCarlaW said...

I burn too, sunscreen is my best friend in the summer!

courtneyboudreau said...

When I was younger, I was able to get a nice tan. But now that I'm older (and now that tanning actually matters to me), I only burn.