Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Perfect Poncho

Until last year I had never worn a poncho.  Ponchos aren't exactly the top of my fashion wish list.  However, last summer I was heading to an outdoor concert in the pouring rain and Mum handed me a rain poncho. 

Bestie and I at U2 in our ponchos
Fast forward to packing for our Orlando trip and I sent Mum an email saying "So are we bringing our Universal Studios ponchos home for a visit?".  Best bit of packing planning ever. 

Early in the day when the rain was light

Hogwarts Express right at home in the weather

Rain drops on the camera lens
The second half of the day has almost no photos even though we walked by endless interesting things.  Because we were busy trying not to get swept away.

I did not make her pose for this photo. Also those are the flipflops we bought when we had to start wading.
The rain poncho is really the most fashionable thing a person can wear under such circumstances.  You look like an idiot without one!

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