Friday, June 22, 2012

Feline Favour

Hello Friday!

Thank you for arriving... we appreciate it.  Our household is tired.  Even the fluffballs are tired- when they're not tearing around the house knocking things over.  Ok, so the fluffballs are normal and the humans are projecting on them because the humans are tired!

I woud point out that Sadie-dog loves sleeping on my clothes and Trilly-cat loves sleeping on my clothes and this week even Spock started sleeping on my clothes.  I can't decisively prove they love me best but I'm going to put those as points in my favour.

It's been a busy week but not exceptionally busy.  It's had some ups and some downs (hello replacing front brake pads and rotor and I don't even know what a rotor does but it's darned expensive).  It's had a great deal of sun and now we're expecting rain.  I'm even kind of ok with the rain since my grass was looking rather parched.

Somehow I have no major plans for the entire month of July and most of August but I have every weekend in October and November pretty much already booked.  I'm completely perplexed as to how that happened! I spend my days at work putting things together for Orientation in September and the Fall Term. July and August don't seem real to me at this point!

I really have no proper point or reason to this post.  I just felt like saying hi and pointing out that no one can judge me if I go to bed at 9pm all weekend because really, this post proves I need my brain to kick back in sometime soon!

Happy Weekend!  Next weekend is a long one in Canada. Thank goodness!


Mar [] said...

Man oh man, my household is exhausted also. New follower from the GFC blog hop! Would love for you to visit my blog. Enjoy relaxing this weekend!

Ashley said...

we're tired here too! expecially because its so dang hot outside! My dog Oliver just lays on the bathroom tile all day... hahah

cate @ wild ruffle said...

How funny that your dog's name is Sadie - that's my daughter's name!!