Thursday, May 31, 2012

A Little Fall of Rain

Hello everyone. It's "Not Friday" once again. It's the last day of May.  It's a tad bit rainy here on the east coast of Canada.  As I write this Sadie is curled up on her dog bed, Spock is curled up in a cardboard box and Trilly is off sleeping on the bed.  I feel they are much, much smarter than me.  This has been a busy week following a very busy weekend and leading up to a very busy week and a half away (more on that later)

Anyway, growing up EVERYTHING reminded Mum of a song. Husband now gets to live with that same trait.  If something doesn't remind me of a song then I just write a song about it (I have a great one about Trilly to Beyonce's "Single Ladies" called "Cranky Kitties").

Anyway again (boy I get off track in Thursday posts), here's what's in my head

Happy Thursday.

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