Friday, June 1, 2012

Leaving on a Jet Plane

Just cause she's cute and every day is the weekend to her.
 Happy Friday Everyone! Also Happy June 1st.  Official start of summer or not, June arriving definitely feels like we can embrace the summer spirit and go a tiny bit into vacation mode.

Actually, I'm about to go fully into vacation mode.  I'm going away for a week and a half which is the longest I'll have been away from home since we moved into this house.  I'm fairly certain it's the longest I'll have been away since Husband and I got married.  Crazy considering I used to pick up and move across oceans practically on a whim.

Mum and I are headed to Ontario to attend a wedding this weekend then see Warhorse and visit with friends.  Oddly enough, work then requires me to be at a conference in the same place starting next weekend.  So it just made sense to take a little vacation time in between.  Since the worst part of traveling is the horrible little flight from Saint John to Toronto to then get on a proper plane somewhere else, I decided to take advantage of already having done that horrid flight.  So Mum and I are heading to Orlando for a couple of days so I can finally see the Wizarding World of Harry Potter!!

Between some pre-blogging and a little guest posting and being addicted to the internet so taking my laptop with me... the blog will continue practically as normal.  There may be a day here or there that I don't post but that will be it.

So, think sympathetically of Husband staying at home to take care of the fluffballs and continue with his studies while I'm off running about.  Also think sympathetically of me trying to pack for basically three different trips (wedding, Orlando where it'll be HOT and work conference) and being away for a week and a half without doing laundry! Obviously not too much sympathy my way, plus I've recruited Dad to help with Sadie's evening walks and fluffball suppers during the weekdays when Husband will be in class. 

Husband is unlikely to be lonely