Monday, May 7, 2012

Into the Woods

Where are all my musical theatre geeks to appreciate my post title??

So this weekend Mum, my Aunt and I headed off to very rural New Brunswick (the one in Canada, not New Jersey) for Rowena's "It's All About You" event at Adair's Wilderness Lodge.  For the weekend it was taken over with ladies rather than hunters.  A group of ATV-ers (quad bikes for the Brits) did pull into the ATV parking area (not kidding, clearly marked) at about 8pm and may have gotten an eyeful as we were changing for the fashion show.  Luckily it was brighter outside than in our changing area.

Anyway, here's a little taste of the wilderness.  

Below- Such a good girl

Antlers over the catwalk
Mum and Aunt with our cabin
View from our cabin

Our neighbours

Everyone loves the moose

Runway and store set up
The ladies of Rowena's relocated pretty much the entire store to the Adair's property. I don't know that they brought all that much back with them but it means they made room for even more fun things. Stay tuned tomorrow for the CLOTHES!

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