Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Green Paws

This time of year it's a bit of a struggle to keep up with the gardening and yard work with all of the other activities on the go.  I swear weeds and bunnies are related (lots of multiplying).  I'm not someone who loves gardening.  I don't find it zen or communing with nature or anything like that.  It's a necessity.  It's a necessity because I do love pulling into the drive at the end of the work day and seeing it look all pretty.

I love standing on our deck and enjoying what we've accomplished.  When we moved in 2.5 years ago the lot had some scraggly/dead trees and dirt which we've managed to turn into a lawn.

I love that when Sadie and I mow the lawn she comes in with funny green paws and looks so proud of her "helping" to mow.

It's amazing how personal it is starting a garden from scratch (ie prior to the top soil even being in).  The other day Mum mentioned the flowering crab apple tree that was in front of my childhood house.  I pointed out that's why I have one growing in front of mine.

Husband and I are now old married people who go to the local nursery (garden centre for the Brits) just to poke around and see what we like.

We do rather have a thing for trees. Crazy how expensive trees are... but we're slightly obsessed with privacy and not being able to see anyone else from our deck.  Going to require some evergreens to fill in some gaps! The cedars we planted the first summer we were in are growing so fast... we're so proud of them.


Linda @ Two Succulent Sisters said...

So nice visiting today, our neighbor to the north. :) Love your dog, so so cute. Best wishes, Linda

Gina said...

Love big yards... but not the yardwork. :) Coming to you from the Follow me Wednesday Blog hop.