Monday, May 28, 2012

Dogs Walking for Dogs

Yesterday was a gorgeous, warm, sunny day here in New Brunswick, Canada.  It was the perfect day for Sadie to participate in the Purina Walk for Dog Guides.  I mentioned the event in Friday's post but in case you missed it this is a national event held by the Lions Foundation Canada and all of the funds raised go to their Dog Guide program.  They raise and train assistance dogs for Canadians who will receive their service dog free of charge.

Registration Site

Sadie and Husband
There were some gorgeous dogs out to enjoy the beautiful day and do their part to help out.  They were also very sweet and good tempered.  Sadie gets nervous around high energy, pushy dogs who try to jump on her.  So she loved this crowd.

It wasn't a large gathering but it was a well organized, very well done event. The Lions Club got everyone registered and the money counted in no time at all.  They had hot dogs, chips and cake for the humans and treats for the dogs (Sadie loved those cub scouts with the treats).

The dog parade

Sadie gets her thank you and her goody bag
Sadie looked so proud of herself in that bandana

The real star of the day was the hearing dog guide, Echo who was on hand with her family.

The little Hampton, NB event raised over $4000 which is pretty impressive.  I look forward to it next year.  Hopefully some of you will come out and join us.  A big thank you to the friends, family, coworkers and neighbours who helped with Sadie's fundraising.  We managed to raise $400!

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becky said...

This is so cool! I love adding another dog lover to my favorites. You should totally link up with our Puppy Love Photo Party starting today over at This is only my second one and it's still small....but it's so fun and inspiring to see amazing pet pictures and read stories like yours. Totally check it out...we'd love to have you. You can link up until Friday. Hope to see you...this is really a great post.

Nicole said...

What an awesome cause! I'd love to be able to participate in events like this with my dogs, but my little beagle mix loves to get my german shepherd mix all riled up. :)

Shannon said...

This is amazing! What a wonderful cause and adorable doggies.