Monday, April 23, 2012

Muscle Memory

On Saturday Husband and Dad were called out on a search (they're both members of our volunteer Ground Search & Rescue).  Since we'd been abandoned by the menfolk I called Mum to see if she wanted to go to a truly cheesy chick flick, The Lucky One.  Mum and I aren't quite as dedicated to the Nicholas Sparks genre as some but we're usually willing to see most things once.

When Husband returned from poking sticks into muck (it was an evidence search, not a missing person search) I mentioned to him that the moron in the film (I used another word) had driven an obviously moron-muscle car that was some pretty obvious product placement.  Seriously, this car was driven into half the scenes in the movie shot from strategic angles.  There's a scene where the moron is washing the car.

So Husband says, as one could expect "Oh, what kind of car was it?". To which I answered "A grey car?".  I could also quite confidently say it didn't have a spoiler... or stripes.

Now in some households that might have been the end of that but Husband and I are fairly dedicated to the idea that Google can and should be able to tell you anything you want to know.  That is the wonder of the internet and of our dedication to knowledge (or something like that).  Most of the time when we have a situation like this arise it takes us collectively about a minute and a half to come up with an answer.  10 minutes later and we hadn't turned up any mention of the car driven by the douche (ok, that's what i called him) in The Lucky One.

Eventually I managed to freeze on the car in the trailer and by that point Husband had determined they used Dodge Ram trucks in the film. He announced it was a Dodge Challenger and that he had shown me photos of a challenger 7 minutes ago so why didn't I know that... to which I responded "All those cars had stripes. This one didn't".  I still stand by my assertion that the front of the car looks very very very different with stripes.

So today's post is obviously pointing out that Husband and I have too much time on our hands... but more importantly I think it should be a wake up call for the car industry.  Do NOT pay money to product place your car in a Nicholas Sparks film.  Had it been any other film we'd have been able to turn up at least one blog post or message board mentioning the car, but not this time because NO MEN HAVE SEEN the film!!

**Ok, so there was one guy in the theatre.  He must have been on a first date because he managed to only snort once and didn't even snicker... which is more than I can say for myself.  On the other hand I did appreciate how much Efron obviously worked out for the movie... plus the scenery was gorgeous and the dogs were adorable.

Here's the trailer... the car appears at about 1:43... Efron's rather well defined back standing around in his underwear is at 2:22 ;)


I Know The Plans I Have For You said...

I think that it is so neat that your dad and husband are part to the search and rescue team. I have always wanted to do something like that! You also sound like me describing cars haha. My husband has been in the car business his whole life and he laughs at my knowledge of cars :-)
I wanted to let you know that I awarded you the versatile blogger award! You can check out my post here to see the details!
Have a great day!!

Jenny said...

My husband and I would totally google that kind of thing too! I am your newest follower from the Networking Blog Hop! I would love if you would check out my blog and if you like what you see please follow back :)
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