Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Movie Critic

The prompt for this week's Tuesday 10 is embarrassing movies you love. I waffled on this one like crazy and couldn't figure out why.  I do have a love of cheesy, romantic movies that I'm sure would fit the bill.  The thing is, I'm not embarrassed by my cheesy movies.  It's not like I have any dvds I avoid putting on display.  I would completely defend my girly chick flicks any day.

So instead I'm going to see how many movies I can come up with that other people love and I don't like.  We'll see if there are ten.

Ferris Bueller's Day Off- He is SO annoying. I would hate that guy in real life.
Fight Club- It's not the violence, I just didn't find the surprise surprising and I didn't like them... and the soap making deal
Zoolander- I I always used to think I liked Ben Stiller because of Leap of Faith but I don't
Hunt for Red October- torpedoes are slow... so slow
The Austin Powers Franchise- Not enough time
Gangs of New York- most Scorsese films really. He doesn't do character development. Or women who make any sense
It's a Wonderful Life- I tend to want to bop him over the head and dislike how it wraps up so suddenly in the last 5 minutes.  And what's wrong with being a librarian??
Run Lola Run- It's like the song that doesn't end
Napoleon Dynamite- Not enough time
Transformers- I just never engaged. I actually got bored.

Interestingly, I didn't like Casablanca the first time around but it grew on me.

I've decided not to present my reasons why I dislike some of the above since I'm aiming for brevity for once and they would have involved a very long rant.  I thought I'd give it a try, see how it feels. It may not happen again.



Mommy Huh said...

Visiting from the Tuesday 10 Link Up... got to say that although Ferris Bueller is technically on my top 10 list, I agree that I would probably totally hate him in real life!

Like how you listed the movies that you don't like!

missjonquil said...
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missjonquil said...

Some of these movies you have on here are great! lol thats why it is embarrassing for me to admit I love them. Of course I have never been a chick flick type of person.

Princess Stephy said...

Hey there! I like Ferris Bueler and my 7 year old brother loves transformers, SO i'm gonna take one for the team and say thats good too haha. But i'm totally with you on the rest of these! Dropping in from Tuesday 10.