Tuesday, April 24, 2012

To Be My Cat

This Tuesday I've decided to see if I can come up with ten reasons it would be very nice to be my cat- Trilly.  Notice I did not leave things open to just being any old cat.  Our area has an embarrassing homeless cat population.  I most definitely wouldn't want to be them. Both of our kitties were part of that population but were lucky enough to be rescued by the Saint John SPCA Animal Rescue League and their foster parents.

The day Trilly came home

1. Every thing is comfy enough to sleep on- books, keyboards, tea towels, pieces of paper, the cardboard scratching toy- everything.

2. She can sleep through everything.  I struggle to get to sleep, the cat can fall asleep pretty much anywhere through pretty much anything.

3. Her toughest job is guarding the house from crows.  She takes this job very seriously, sitting at the window and yelling at the crows who dare to come into sight.

4. Food appears in her bowl pretty much for free.  Plus since horrible kitten showed up she gets wet food every night.... and she's allowed to tell us off if the food does not appear at 10pm on the dot.

5. Everything belongs to Trilly.  We are slow to learn this but everything is Trilly's including counter tops and things put in the compost bin.

Trilly claims Husband's coat

6. She has incredibly high self esteem.  Trilly is a princess.  Trilly is in charge of everything.  Trilly never doubts this.

7. Trilly is told every day how pretty she is.  Multiple times a day.  While getting head bumps.

8. Trilly is crazy smart for a cat.  She can open cupboard doors (sleeping in cupboards is also very comfy) and she remembers where we've put things in case she wants to try to get to them to eat.  I'd like to be a smart cat if I'm going to be a cat.

9.  The worst things in Trilly's life are Sadie- the smelly goggy who worships her but knows better than to touch and Spock- who is still learning not to touch.  I wish Spock loved me as much as he loves Trilly!

I love her but I stay this far from her

10.  Something like 20 hours of sleep a day.  That sounds good to me!!

Linking up for Tuesday 10 again this week. Just made up my own theme :)



Annelise @ Aunie Sauce said...

This makes ME want to be Trilly, too! I love it!

Kailiecatlady said...

LOVE that beautiful Princess!

Lena @ Mom2MemphisAndRuby said...

LOVE this!
I always kid around that it would be nice to be a cat for day!
Great take on the Tuesday10 list! ♥

Ashley at flats to flip flops said...

Thanks for joining Lena and I for Tuesday Ten! Great, what I would give to be a cat somedays(20 hours of sleep?)!
flats to flip flops