Friday, April 6, 2012

Happy Birthday Mum

Today is Mum's birthday. It often falls at the same time as Easter.  Over the years it has led to her birthday sometimes being combined with Easter Egg Hunts or extended Church services.  I think she's probably also received some stuffed rabbits and such along the way. I have to imagine it colours her feelings towards pastel Easter items kind of like the proximity of Valentine's Day has impacted mine towards fluffy red hearts.

This year her lovely birthday dinner's been slightly ruined postponed due to Husband and I being ill all week. Still looking forward to celebrating her birthday and wishing her the best year yet.  Lots of adventures ahead this year as she goes on sabbatical.  I understand river rafting is on the agenda (this year, not for her birthday).

PS. When we do get that meal at Decimal 81 we must wear our facinators!

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littlemissandrea said...

You picture of you two together is so beautiful! I can only imagine her having a huge stockpile of Easter baskets and stuffed bunnies from birthdays when she was young! Wish her a happy birthday for me :) Have a great weekend!