Monday, March 12, 2012

Oh the Places You'll Go

I've discovered that when it comes to the Cayman Islands most people fall into one of two groups- those who have no idea where they are and those who have been there.  For those of you who are super interested feel free to head over here for all the details. But the short version is that the Cayman Islands are basically three islands in the Caribbean which are part of the British West Indies.  Grand Cayman is the biggest islands (hence the name), a popular cruise ship destination and where the Little Brothers are currently living in the capital city, George Town.

Part of George Town

Baby Brother finished a degree in Marine Biology last Spring and headed down to the Caymans to finish his Dive Master/Instructor training. He's been on island since August.  Then Little Brother (the one with the huge beard) decided a career change was in the works and headed down at Christmas.  He's just finished his training so he can start working.

The brothers have a house with another Canadian guy. We did not stay with the brothers. That would just have been bad for everyone.  We stayed just across the street from Seven Mile Beach at Sunset Suites which happens to have the fabulous Sunset Grill... but I'll be writing about food tomorrow.

Where the walkway to 7 Mile Beach from our hotel came out

While we were there the temperatures were in the high 20s and low 30s (that's Celsius cause I'm Canadian) with it being very comfortable in the mornings and the evenings and less so at 2pm... go figure.  There were always nice breezes since you're never far from water on the island. It had poured rain several times the day we arrived so the humidity was crazy when we got off the plane. Luckily the humidity lessened and it stopped raining and we managed to do more in 3 days while still getting to relax than one would think possible! 

Wednesday we looked around town. Had great lunch at the hotel. Rested up before a very good dinner out with the brothers.  Thursday we met up with my high school friend Beth to see some more of the island, hold some baby sea turtles, swim in the ocean and take touristy photos.  After sending Beth back to her cruise ship we at pasta beside the water and watched the world famous feeding of the tarpin at Rackhams Bar. Friday we went snorkeling with Baby Brother who had a day off work and I held a sting ray followed by more good food in picturesque places. Saturday we were heading home but not before going on a submarine ride.  Crazy cool couple of days!

Hope Monday is treating you well, where ever you are. Coming back from vacation to the time change is rough.


Kim Brison said...

It looks absolutely gorgeous!

Sandy a la Mode said...

what an amazing place!!