Friday, March 9, 2012

Favourite Things- Uptown Saint John

We have a great local business community both in our town, Quispamsis (great name eh?) and in Uptown Saint John. Back before Christmas several businesses were involved in Informative Computer Solution's Uptown Facebook Giveaway.  Every week winners were drawn for gift certificates and such.  In order to enter for the grand prize you had to post a photo of yourself in one of the businesses participating in the giveaway. Husband wound up being the grand prize winner!

We used the final piece of what we won this past weekend so I wanted to share what we were able to do thanks to the ICS giveaway.

We could give hockey tickets to friends to thank them for helping us out taking care of the fluffballs

I got to giveaway a Sudsmuffin gift certificate on the blog

We got to have supper at Vito's on a Friday night when I didn't feel like cooking (twice)

I got my hair, nails and make up done at Element 5 

Husband got his hair cut at Element 5

We had dinner at Alley Gria

We took friends to Millrats Basketball. Oh and I got 15% off that Millrats t-shirt.

It was nice to be able to enjoy some treats and things we wouldn't have splurged on while Husband is a full time student. It was also wonderful to be able to share some of it with friends and blog readers!! Thank you Uptown Saint John businesses!

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Anonymous said...

Such inspiration that in your riches, you shared the wealth with those around you. I have not been a big winner of contests, but when I have won, it feels good doesn't it?