Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Tuesday Travels- Rural Dorset

Husband grew up right in the middle of surburban sprawl outside of London in a place called Reading (which, as they can't read they call "redding").  The in-laws moved south to the idyllic country side a year and a half ago.  It does make for a rather longer trip from the airport but it certainly is lovely once you get there.  In the summer the area is incredibly popular with tourists looking for the seaside.  Husband and I did not venture to the seaside as we didn't have time.  I understand the nephews went for a paddle though (there are photos I just don't have them).

In the limited time we had we explored the local village which was highly green for the time of year.

We found this tiny bridge in the backgarden

Gate designed to corral sheep? No, nephews.

I loved this local pub's reindeer. Want it.

This is the local pub that had the reindeer.

Loved this feature with its fossils

Phone boxes are a great place to get out of the rain to use your cell

See the sheep??

Very, very green
Every trip needs a self-cam photo

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