Wednesday, January 4, 2012

UK Pet Post

While our fluffballs were being taken care of by our excellent sitters (who will now be required to move in any time we go away) we got to visit some of their British cousins.  Some were friendlier than others.

This is Teagan. Teagan got a dog-toy swan for Christmas. It actually honks rather than squeaks and the wings rustle. It is awesome and Sadie needs one immediately! 

We got to take Teagan for a nice little walk and she was a wonderfully well behaved girl.  I understand sometimes she can be a little.... hyper.  You could tell from her face that she was crazy smart and we were both very glad to return to Sadie who's a little more our speed.

Husband's parents moved to a little town in rural England when they retired (early retirement... they're very young). It has a pub, a village hall and the post office is run from the village hall two mornings a week. Seriously.  They also have a duck pond which must be visited whenever the nephews come to stay. 

Husband's family love cats.  His parents had two cats who lived to be 18 and 19 years old respectively.  The nephews are quite keen to get a cat once Mummy and Daddy  have had time to enjoy their new flooring.  The London branch of the family have a cat named Maple and she has the same sort of colouring as Sadie.  Poor Maple was an only fluffball and then one day an infant came home and I'm not sure she's been the same for the last 8 weeks.  The day we visited there were also 14 other people (5 under the age of 6) and so Maple found a very good position and stayed there.

Tall Husband able to hold camera up to take photos of kitty on top of cupboards. Maple unimpressed by this feat.
Our crew were very pleased to see us when we returned but certainly gave no indication that they'd been overly concerned that we'd left!

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