Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Locks of Love Update

It's now less than a month until my birthday. The passage of time is very misleading and I do find myself wondering how it's nearly been a whole year since my Children of the 80s themed birthday party.  On the other hand last week felt like it was about 3 weeks long.  Gotta love time.  Anyway, some of you know but many of you don't that I am cutting my hair off on my birthday to donate to Locks of Love.

This is where my hair was as of last weekend.

I've really been enjoying the long hair in photos but I get antsy without major hair changes and I'm about ready for this big one.  We'll see how short it winds up!

1 comment:

PamelaW said...

Good for your Leigh-Ellen, what a great thing to do! I wanted to do that last time I had a major hair cut, but didn't know that they don't accept died hair.