Monday, January 9, 2012

Meal Prep Monday

Over the holidays we did some indulging, much like everyone else.  The only problem is that before that I did a fair amount of indulging because my grandmother died and I figured I deserved a cookie.  So, Husband and I have committed to getting our (slightly more padded) butts back on track food-wise.  One of the major factors in my success when it comes to eating healthily is food prep on weekends.  If I get things organized and do quite a bit of cooking on the weekend then my week will go well.  If I don't... oh dear.

One thing I've decided I will do every weekend when I get home from doing groceries is to make sure I get fruit and vegetables to a convenient form for use.  I'm more likely to eat the peppers if they're cut up into strips easy to stirfry or just chop a little for omlette.  I'm more likely to eat carrots if I've already turned them into carrot sticks.  Broccoli is more likely to be cooked up if I take it off of the stalk.

A Simply for Life breakfast favourite of mine is "Berry Cup" though any fruit works.  This week it's going to be strawberries.

and Kiwi

"Berry Cup" involves taking low fat cottage cheese and yogurt and blending them together.  Then you layer the berries or fruit with the mix and fibre one cereal. It is very yummy.  Seriously, it's way better than just yogurt. When Husband makes it for us he even puts it in a fancy glass bowl for me. It feels a little more special.

When I wake up in the morning I'm a bit of a zombie.  If it's at all difficult I won't do it.  This has led to too much purchasing of bagels at Tim Hortons which we have at work.  So This weekend I de-stalked and cut up the strawberries.  I removed the fuzzy stuff from the kiwi and cut it into bite sized bits.  This makes them easier to use for breakfast and also to take in a container as a snack.  I had Husband blend the cottage cheese and yogurt together so it's ready to just scoop out (I kind of have issues with the texture, appearance, pretty much everything to do with cottage cheese so i don't handle it myself).  All I have to do in the morning is layer.

Bet you think you're going to see a photo of the finished product? At some point along the way Trilly clued into "Berry Cup" and the fact that she LOVES cottage cheese/yogurt mixture.  So moving away from it long enough to photograph is just too risky.  She's like a furry little ninja.

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Sandy a la Mode said...

yum!! sounds like a yummy and healthy dessert!