Thursday, January 12, 2012

Fluffball Facilities

Last week I had a facebook status about feeding the pets and someone's question made me realise I haven't shown you all the pet's room.  Someone pointed out that it's basically a dorm room for fluffies and that's how I think of it now. It was partially inspired by one of the cat rooms at the Fredericton shelter (which I've only seen in facebook photos).

The beds on the shelves are secured with velcro so they can't fall off if a kitty is scrambling up using an edge.  They are machine washable. The blue blanket on top of Sadie's crate is a very popular kitty napping spot.

The shelving unit from Ikea stores pet food, treats and toys as well as leashes, collars, flashlight, gloves, hats and such for walking.  Plus the open spaces provide good short cuts for kitties. 

This is Trilly's scratching shelf.  Sometimes she likes to sleep there. 

Sadie often takes treats in to chew on and sleeps in her crate with the door open. Sometimes Spock steals her crate and sleeps in it.

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Elizabeth said...

They are the luckiest pets in the world - what a wonderful room they have. I think thre may be space for one or two more pets?