Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Tuesday Travels- Our First Camping Experience

One of the first things Husband and I bought jointly back when we were dating was a tent.  I mean at some point we bought groceries to make meals or what have you but the first major purchase was a tent.  This was the first time I'd ever bought camping gear for myself.  At some point my family stopped camping... I think I was about 14... and I was really ok with that.  Right around the same time I bought a sleeping bag... cause you need one of those in a tent.

We headed off to the Peak District for the Easter Weekend. Husband was used to the kind of camping where you actually carry everything on your back. He was confused by my packing of pillows. I had to point out that the car would be parked directly next to the tent. Last summer when we were hoping to go camping he proposed we each take two pillows.  I was so proud of him.

The Peak District was gorgeous. We were camping in a lovely little village with a fabulous, and somewhat famous pub.  The thing was that it had been kind of a wet Spring and there were times when we ran into a little fall out from that.  Like when there was a river ford location on one of our hikes.

Little deeper than it was supposed to be
Or well, when this happened

We had two nights of fairly stormy weather though the snow helped to insulate from the cold.

The snow did make everything quite picturesque.  Then again I imagine it's always quite picturesque.  Husband didn't get to climb quite as many things as he would have without me but we did climb up for a decent view at least once.

We visited a very cool cavern called The Devil's Ass. After that we wound up co-owning a fridge magnet that says "I've been in the Devil's Ass". We did a hike up to some castle ruins. Then we went and spend an evening in a B&B where I got to have a very very nice shower... and check out the Buxton area.  In the UK Buxton bottled water is quite readily available.  It comes from Buxton.

This tower was for nothing at all. Crazy wealthy Brits used to (probably still do) build these follies. I love them!

Husband and I's camping trips always wound up having something eventful happen. Rain, illness, sheep.  However, that tent always held us very well against it all. It's one good tent.


Bling Borrowers handbag rental said...

Beautiful photos! Looks so cold with the snow around the tent! Hopefully you were toasty warm inside.

Kendra said...

Umm... I would go camping every day if my surroundings could only be HALF as gorgeous as this! You're traveling down medieval footpaths, it looks like! How enchanting.