Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Tuesday Travels- Winter Wonderland at Home

We've had one snow storm so far this year.  It was a pretty big snow storm for so early in the Winter but it is kind of odd not to have had more snow come down by now.  Generally where were live the snow comes and goes a bit before Christmas.  By mid-January it tends to be here to stay for awhile.  Fresh new snow certainly makes things look lovely... until you think about shoveling it. 

I realised I haven't shared any snow at home photos yet so here are a few from our neck of the woods (we do actually have woods!).

Sadie enjoyed the snow banks very much last year. I did not (too high for me to throw snow up there after awhile)
Exploring our backyard the first week we lived here

The snowman built the week we moved in
Local wildlife not so keen on our addition to their neighbourhood
Snow Angels on the frozen river

Ice fishing huts on the frozen river

Visitors to the backyard


No snowshoes to fit Sadie's paws
When we moved to Canada I figured I ought to find some ways to actually enjoy the winter and get some exercise.  Last year I started snowshoeing.  Sadie and I had a great time crashing around in the snow together.  This year I need to make sure I get skating more though.  Last year the weather was odd and the outdoor rinks and river didn't freeze as well as they did the year before.  We'll see what winter's like this year.  Just glad it's held off for a little while.

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