Friday, December 16, 2011

On this day

On this day 5 years ago Husband and I started dating. We were on a night out with co-workers. Roommate, who was one of our bridesmaids, and I had just moved to Norwich... that day.

4 years ago today Husband and I got engaged in Luebeck, Germany.  He shoved the ring back in his pocket because a group of tourists walked by.  We were sitting on a bench by a lovely river. Fairly certain they were building a multi-story carpark on the other side of the river.

2 years ago today Husband and I spent the first night in our brand new house.  It was yet to be filled with crazy fluffballs.  It was very quiet! It have no towel rails or anything to put the toilet paper on.  That was odd.

Today absolutely nothing exciting is happening.  Husband is studying for an exam.  I'm hoping the fluffballs don't cause too much chaos.  This date isn't exciting every year but it is a reminder of how far we've come.

Hope today is a good one for all of you.

This date 3 years ago- 2008. We'd been married 4 months.

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Amelia Mansfield said...

Five years, can you believe it? :) Congratulations!