Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A Few of My Favourite Things- Tree Edition

I've mentioned many times that I don't like clutter.  I like everything around me to have some sort of meaning or sentimental value.  This applies to my Christmas tree.  This year everything on the tree has a little extra meaning because it was decorated with two of my favourite people and one of my favourite fluffballs (we kind of put the kitties in another room to limit the destruction). Our tree skirt has been entirely claimed by one little kitten. It is no longer under the tree but instead in a corner where he recently pushed it and now is taking a nap on it. I need a new tree skirt.

I had a school mascot that was a cow (long story) so I've always loved them. Mum found these lightbulb ornaments at a craft fair years ago. My brothers have a penguin and a reindeer.

My travel buddies from my Austria days were from Florida. They have these sand dollars shipped over and made ornaments for each of us. This sand dollar ornament is well traveled. Hard to believe we're all married ladies now!

This crystal ornament was released to commemorate the opening of a new building at my alma mater, Acadia

This little one came back from Holland with me.

The first ornament Husband and I received jointly.
Mum bought me this purple bird new for our tree this year. It is purple, has feathers, sparkles and beads. It is awesome!
My new glass slipper from the lovely PGal's Closet

I love Precious Moments figurines.  This was a gift to us when we got married.
This is my new sea glass ornament from my lovely Sponsor, A Day at the Beach.

I love having our tree up.  By the time I clean things up and put our house back to normal it will be a relief to streamline everything again but I love the 3 weeks with our tree.


Melissa Wright said...

Love the shoe ornament, wonder if they have any left! I think I need one!

Sarah Craig said...

New tree skirt will also be claimed, best to sigh and go without :)