Wednesday, December 14, 2011

A Few of My Favourite Things

I haven't done a big decor switch at our house for the holidays.  Eventually I think I'd like to clear out many of our things in November to put up JUST the Christmas stuff and then switch back.  For this year though it was more just adding a few bits and pieces.  We have little festive bits around the place.  Here are a few meaningful pieces.

My Mum gave me flowers. Aren't they pretty?
I love having fresh flowers. I've also found a nice spot where Trilly can't eat them!
My grandmother who passed away last month loved decorating for Christmas. She gave me these guys last year.
My grandmother had already picked these as this year's ornament for us. My grandfather gave them to me.
My angel doesn't work on the top of our tree. However she lights up a corner nicely.  She reminds me of the angel on the top of my parents' tree. My mother has had it longer than I've been alive.
Santa is from a Christmas spent in Little Cayman. Nutcracker is from an Austrian Christmas Market. Moose was given to us last year filled with chocolate almond bark. Feel free to send a refill.
I love Precious Moments. Always have. This nativity set belonged to my maternal grandmother. I chose it for her as a gift when I was a child. It came to me when she died several years ago. I love the sheep on the left.

I also love the little Wisemen and the fact that yet another little sheep is managing to poke his head into the photo!

What are your favourite Christmas things? Why do you love them?

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