Tuesday, October 4, 2011

What I Wore- Brunswick Square Fashion Show

So by now most of you have read and seen a lot on last week's sold out Brunswick Square Centre Fashion Show in support of Big Brothers Big Sisters.  I figured it was about time I posted a couple of outfit pictures from that evening.  I actually wound up quite rushed and behind schedule so these are what I wound up with rather than the best! Well, I guess they're the best because they're the only ones that exist!

New clutch and great Mac Colours

Event gave us Free Parking. Gotta love that!

If only I could have gotten a good angle to catch the cruise ship that was just outside!!

Dress-  From Colwell's (seemed fitting since they're in Brunswick Square Centre)
Top- BAMboo
Shoes- Calvin Klein from Urban Shoe Myth
Bag- Micheal Kors from Bling Borrowers
Belt- Reitman's


Elizabeth said...

That's a stunning outfit - love the dress!

Full of Fabulous said...

Gorgeous & SO fun!

Handbag Rentals said...

New MAC and MK bag! LOVE accessorizing! You look stunning!