Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Difference Makers

There are so many events going on in Saint John this week that it's hard to keep up.  There are fashion events, business events, some sort of dance event that Uptown Saint John posted on facebook. You name it; We've got it.  But one of the most exciting events is getting slightly over looked on the blogisphere despite it's amazing colour blocking wardrobe.  The Rick Hansen 25th Anniversary Relay, or the Relay in Motion, has been in the area for the past few days and passing through Uptown Saint John this morning. 

It began over a month ago on the furthest most edge of Newfoundland and will end this May on the West Coast.  The relay marks the 25th Anniversary of Rick Hansen's Man in Motion trip through 34 countries to raise money for spinal cord research.  In this relay identified Difference makers from communities across the country will carry the 25th Anniversary Medal pictured below.

Photo courtesy of the Rick Hansen Facebook Site
These Difference Makers have been chosen for their contribution to equality in their community through volunteer work.  The medal bearers will travel by foot, wheel, boat and I believe air craft over the course of the relay.  The relay will stop in various communities to hold events that support inclusion and equality which also happen to be pretty fun.  Every day the Rick Hansen Facebook site is updated with photos from that day's events. You can't help but be cheered by the bright yellow windbreakers.

This 13 year old from Conception Bay, Nfld was the first medal bearer
One of UNB Saint John's students has been chosen to represent the numerous volunteers in our university community.  So many of our students are Difference Makers now and will go on to make a huge impact in their local, nation and international communities.  It's great to have Ashley representing so many of them.  For more about Ashley and the volunteer work going on through UNBSJ check out this article. Very excited to see her complete her portion of the relay and to watch as it continues its way across the country.

Edited to mention that Rick Hansen is actually going to be in Uptown Saint John this morning. He is unable to be in every community along the way. What a special leg of the relay!

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