Monday, October 3, 2011

Brunswick Square Fashion Show- A Quick Glimpse

Last week I gave you a taste of what we saw at the Brunswick Square Fashion Show in support of Big Brother Big Sisters.  It really was a great event.  I happened to be Uptown for work the day of the show and stopped by to see the set up earlier in the day.

I knew we were going to be in for a good time.  I was also pleased to see some lovely tables hinting at yummy food and drink to come.  I was not disappointed.  There were appetizers being carried on trays.  There were seafood treats on platters.  There were chocolate covered strawberries and scrumptious squares.... I really do have a thing for free food but particularly free food done well! I have zero photos of food as I was busy eating it.

Obviously there were streams of wonderful clothes on the runway.  I was particularly drawn to knitwear, outer wear and boots (sooooo many cute boots... also cute bags... sigh).  You can tell it's getting cooler around here.  A piece I'd actually photographed earlier in the day at Baubles hit the runway and I was even more in love.

The jacket/sweater on the left needs to live with me! (Baubles)

Isn't the coat on the left GORGEOUS. Love the belt and the cut at the bottom.(Colwell's Ladies)

(Je suis prest)

(Olsen Europe)
(Colwell Ladies -Not Frank's Furs- Oops)
For a brief run through of offerings from all of the stores involved check out the final run through from both halves below. Also note the tiny adorable things from Paddington's Station. They stole the show three separate times.

Clothes, Accessories from: 
Baubles                              Je Suis Prest Boutique
Colwell's Mens                   Olsen Europe
Colwell's Ladies                 Paddington Station
Frank's Furs                       Pseudio

Hair and Make Up by:
Hairacy's                Perfumes Plus

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Chelsea said...

You caught some nice photos! (Actually your last photo is another of Colwell's Ladies.) I'm putting up my photos from the fashion show tomorrow! Today I'm putting up my outfit post from that night.