Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Tuesday Travels- Cambridge

I'm never really sure what direction to go with a Tuesday Travels.  I think when I started I thought they would be informative little guides to places I have visited.  I think they were an excuse to pull out old photos and show them to people whether they liked it or not.  More often than not these posts are less informative about the place than about my memories of it.

For three and half years I lived just down the train line from Cambridge, England.  I could now launch into a history lesson as Cambridge is an ancient city.  I could talk about the university, where my sister-in-law went... am I jealous much? I could tell you the best sites, of which there are many. 

But actually what stands out most to me is the number of travel issues I had when going to or from Cambridge.  One of my earliest train trips in the UK was from Cambridge to Norwich.  Cambridge station has some oddly numbered platforms and I wound up waiting at the wrong one missing my train and with no way of contacting my new employer who was meant to meet me at the other end. Oops. I once spent 2 1/2 hours sitting in a train at Cambridge station from 10pm on attempting to get home from London. There were times when, to do the 45 min trip from Norwich to Cambridge we had to layover in Ely.  Generally I walked from the station into the historic city center but one of the first trips I took a wrong turn and wound up in the absolute middle of nowhere. I doubt I could find it again.  I took my Mother and Mother-in-Law to Cambridge so that they could meet and it poured down on us the entire time.  Husband and I went there on a day trip early on in our relationship, had a huge fight and I got a migraine on the way home.

So many Cambridge memories!  I love Cambridge. It's beautiful. It's full of students looking forward to their future and tourists looking towards the past.  It was a great place to meet friends and family for a day trip.


Other people punting

Husband and I's first photo together ever

Obviously a good spot for a photo cause the girls and I have one in the same spot

Autumn in Cambridge

I LOVE the grasshopper clock

Cambridge really isn't far from London (when the trains are traveling correctly).  The train used to leave from platform 9 which was conveniently located by platform 9 3/4.  Not sure if that's true any longer.  This isn't a travel guide!! 

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