Friday, October 14, 2011

Foster Follow Up

Some of you may remember that before we Fail Fostered Spock we had a couple of lovely ladies stay with us for a few days.  Portia was adopted from the fair at the Pet Corral first thing in the day.

Her new mom, Paula, was kind enough to fill me in on how Portia is enjoying her furever home.  In fact little Portia has been lucky enough to get a new sister named Brooklyn who happens to be one of Kailie's Foster Kitties.  Paula has a thing for beautiful black kitties.

Portia still loves comfy sleeping places

Portia Peekaboo

Pretty Brooklyn
Due to an illness Brooklyn is deaf.  Paula was used to shaking the treats package to call Portia who would come running for a snack (little thing can move quickly when food is involved).  One of the other foster moms was telling me that little Portia realized that Brooklyn wasn't picking up on the noise and so went and got her for snack time as well! Too cute! Paula is now getting used to Brooklyn's inability to hear.

Husband is fairly certain that Portia has gotten one of her claws stuck. She had problems with that!
We're thrilled to hear that Portia is being a good sister and that the whole family is so happy together.  Thank you Paula for giving both girls such a good home!

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